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Appeal for information after dog is shot in neck in Dublin

Erik G


Source: DSPCA

THE DSPCA HAS appealed for information after a dog was shot in Dublin.

Last week, a female German Shepherd was brought to the DSPCA’s office after being presented to a veterinary surgery in the Dublin 15 area.

The dog had a number of wounds and, following an x-ray, it was found that she had a bullet lodged in her neck, very close to her spine.

The x-ray of Victoria’s neck

Source: DSPCA

The bullet was removed during surgery at the DSPCA’s office.

The DSPCA’s veterinary team said the dog was “very lucky”, adding that the bullet didn’t do any major damage and was “removed without complications”.

Victoria, as she was named by DSPCA employees, is recovering well but is “still very nervous”. Her microchip is not registered to an owner.

The bullet, beside a €2 coin for size comparison

Source: DSPCA

Gardaí in Rathfarnham are now in possession of the bullet, the calibre of which is still unknown.

“We have been advised it is not from a shotgun sometimes used by farmers, nor is it from a pellet gun or an air rifle,” a DSPCA spokesperson said.

Anyone with information about the incident has been asked to email inspectors@dspca.ie.

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Source: http://prntscr.com/fub00u

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