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Donegal residents concerned after sewage spill at Irish Water treatment plant

Erik G

RESIDENTS IN RURAL Donegal have voiced safety concerns after the spillage of sewage at a wastewater plant over the weekend.

Irish Water has said that the spillage of effluent occurred after an automated inlet valve to one of the treatment tanks “failed to close fully.”

The agency explained that this occurred because of heavy rainfall that caused “more diluted than normal incoming wastewater.”

Residents have expressed concern about the sewage spill with local councillor Micheal Cholm Mac Giolla Easbuig telling Highland Radio that it’s not the first time they’ve been worried about the plant.

“I was contacted by residents of the Pole Road in Dungloe in relation to health and safety issues that they have in terms of the new treatment plant. I know they’ve been in contact with other councillors and TDs as well. I’ve contacted Irish Water and have asked for a meeting with them,” the councillor said.

A number of times we protested on the road and actually at one point we blocked it and here we are again with more concerns. So hopefully Irish Water will meet them as soon as possible and will be able to rectify the issues that are being raised by the residents, because at the end of the day the residents are living very close to the treatment plant.

In a statement about the incident, Irish Water did not address whether a meeting with residents is planned but said that wastewater had not escaped the plant during this incident.

“Irish Water can confirm that the pollution was contained within the confines of the wastewater treatment plant site. There was no impact to the surrounding environment as a result of this incident,” the statement read.

“The receiving area surrounding the wastewater treatment plant is bog and marsh with no immediate drain or river flowing in to a water source.”

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Source: http://prntscr.com/fub00u

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