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Poll: How many minutes a day do you walk?

Erik G

THERE HAVE BEEN many public health campaigns aimed at getting us moving to stave off future health problems. Remember this?

The UK has rolled out a big one around brisk walking called #Active10, and with it the scary statistic that 41% of English adults aged between 40 and 60 walk LESS than 10 minutes continuously at a brisk pace per month.

How many minutes a day do you walk briskly, would you reckon – on average?

(The brisk bit is important for it to count towards improving fitness and stamina.)

Poll Results:

  • I exercise each day but in a different way
  • Over an hour walking
  • Between 30 mins and an hour
  • Between 10 and 30 minutes
  • Under 10 minutes
  • Not at all


Source: http://prntscr.com/fub00u

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