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Quiz: How well do you know Bob Dylan?

Erik G

WITH BOB CELEBRATING a milestone birthday today, tributes to the legendary songwriter are pouring in from far and wide.

But exactly how well do you know Mr Dylan?

Why not test your knowledge of the Nobel laureate’s life and work? 

The answers are blowin’ in the wind…

An easy one to start… Bob celebrates a big birthday today. What age is he?






He wasn't born Dylan, of course. What was his surname at birth?

Rowland Scherman, National Archives and Records Administrati





Which US state was Bob born in?

New York




Included on his 1962 self-titled album is a song titled 'Song to Woody' penned by Dylan in tribute to his mentor and hero, US folk singer and activist Woody…

Library of Congress





Getting more difficult now… Finish the following lyric from Like a Rolling Stone: "You used to ride on a chrome horse with your diplomat/Who carried on his shoulder…"


A welcome mat

A Siamese cat

A big fat rat

An acrobat

Bob played with a famous backing group for a time in the mid to late 1960s, originally called The Hawks. While touring with Dylan, they changed their name to…

Flickr/Hugh Shirley Candyside

The Byrds

The Group

The The

The Band

Which famous guitar hero played lead guitar on Bob's 1979 song 'Gotta Serve Somebody'?

Flickr/Christopher Bowley

Eric Clapton

Mark Knopfler

Jimmy Page

Joan Jett

Dylan received the Nobel Prize for Literature at a ceremony in 2017. But apart from a few collections of lyrics and a memoir titled 'Chronicle', he's only published one other book, a collection of prose poetry called…



Daddy Long-legs

Black Widow

The Catcher in the Rye

Irish country singer Nathan Carter had a hit with a song written by Dylan in 1974. Although Bob recorded a demo version of it, it was never officially released. What's it called?

Rolling News

Banks of the Roses

Games People Play

Wagon Wheel

Blowin' in the Wind

This one's for all the marbles… As a young artist in the Greenwich Village folk scene in the early 1960s, which Irish folk music legends did Dylan rub shoulders with and befriend?

St Lawrence University

The Dubliners


The Clancy Brothers

The Wolfe Tones

Answer all the questions to see your result!


You scored out of !

You're a certified Dylanologist

Wow, bet you can recite all 10 verses of Desolation Row.

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Flickr/Jean-Luc Ourlin

You scored out of !

You're Bringing it all Back Home

An electric performance…

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You scored out of !

You're 1980s Dylan

Hit and miss but some good stuff in there.

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You scored out of !

You're probably more of a Donovan kinda person

"Donovan? Who is this Donovan?"

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You scored out of !

"You're an idiot, babe"

"It's a wonder that you still know how to breathe."

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