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The Wind Phone art project in the Dublin Mountains has been destroyed

Erik G

An Fón Gaoithe (The Wind Phone) destroyed already and not by the wind 🙁 #windphone #windphonedublin #Dublinmountains #Dublin #Ireland pic.twitter.com/oOA56Br1Pb

— Noel Donnellon (@NoelDonnellon) August 15, 2017
Source: Noel Donnellon/Twitter

AN INSTALLATION IN the Dublin Mountains has been destroyed less than two weeks after being put in place.

The Wind Phone, or ‘Fón Gaoithe’ in Irish, had been built as a ”private space to meditate on life and loss”, inspired by a Japanese project.

Our first project installed and in place. #windphonedublin
Information at https://t.co/FcFKzfAFDf pic.twitter.com/tdhFUbFGSs

— Altrúchas (@AltruchasDublin) August 6, 2017
Source: Altrúchas/Twitter

Art group Altrúchas, who put the installation in place at the beginning of the month, said that one of their group visited the site today, and that it wasn’t the natural elements that caused the phone booth to collapse.

“Given the nature of how it was destroyed,” the group said in a statement to TheJournal.ie, “and how what was left was laid out, it seems clear that the destruction of the installation was not regular vandals but a strong statement from people that didn’t like the project.”

Of course we are sad it has been destroyed, but we will not let such a mindless and selfish act take away from the positivity of the project.

#windphonedublin charming lovely idea from Japan worth the walk #Dublin mountains great for #mentalhealth pic.twitter.com/toOZF1XW3m

— Monica keane (@KeaneMonica) August 11, 2017
Source: Monica keane/Twitter

“We know from some feedback that we’ve gotten that it genuinely helped some people struggling with grief, so that makes the project completely worth it.”

Genuinely thought The Wind Phone was a lovely, charming & intriguing story… but this is it this evening #windphonedublin pic.twitter.com/EAlCBiptZ6

— Philip Bromwell (@philipbromwell) August 15, 2017
Source: Philip Bromwell/Twitter

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