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‘Their daddy is vindicated’ – Jason Corbett’s sister thanks public for their support

Erik G

THE SISTER AND brother-in-law of murder victim Jason Corbett have thanked the people of Limerick for their help during the trial of his killers.

Tracey and David Lynch also hit out at Molly Corbett and her father Tom Martens in a statement posted online.

The US pair were convicted last week of the second-degree murder of 39-year-old Jason, Molly Corbett’s husband, at the couple’s North Carolina home in August 2015, and are beginning lengthy sentences – although lawyers for both have said they will appeal.

Tracey and David Lynch, who were awarded custody of Jason Corbett’s young children Jack and Sarah after his death, say in the statement:

“It does not matter what the Martens said or say, at this point.

“We all know what happened. That Jason was beaten around his head when in bed. That they continued to beat him after he died.

“Jason’s children, Jack and Sarah, had to be sheltered by police from seeing what the Martens had done to their father.

It does not matter what the Martens say now. They are convicted killers and liars.

“When we heard the verdicts, our first thoughts went to Jack and Sarah.

Their daddy was now vindicated. We rang them to tell them the news.

Our first priority after the trial and sentencing was to get home to them as quickly as possible. We were never as anxious to get on a flight as we were on Thursday last. We wanted to talk to Jack and Sarah and our own children and just hug them and hold them tight.

They went on to thank those who had fundraised to help them take legal action to have Jason’s children returned to Ireland.

We are grateful to the people of Limerick for the fundraising they did to help us get Jack and Sarah home and to help us clear Jason’s reputation.

“We thank them for the thousands of acts of kindness to us, to our parents and other family members. We are grateful for the masses, the cards, the prayers and everything else they did for us. It really means so much that your own people are backing you during a horrible time.”

The children’s mother, Mags Corbett, died of an asthma attack in 2006. Their father married Molly Martens in 2011 and later moved to North Carolina.

Wayne Corbett, Jason’s brother, said last week that the two children were “doing fine” in Limerick.

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Source: http://prntscr.com/fub00u

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