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Anne Clark – The Last Emotion Lyrics

Physical shutdown through emotional letdown
Destinedto search through the ruins of jealousy
For some kind of reasoning in love
possessiveness stabs me
Like a knife from my very own hand
These emotions runriot
In my only comprehension of love

I want to enter the very heart of you
Like the air that sustains your body
But my eyes just fill with ice
As I lose control in my attemps to keep you near to me
I bewilder you with my words and actions

I bar my own windows
Look my own doors
And it’s forcing you away all the time

Like a scar from ear to ear
This jealousy is slowly chocking us both to death

You can give all your love in matter of moments
But jealousy will bind all our expectations
Into a web of fear
It runs through my veins
A thunderous stream of murderous thoughts
Burning fire through the blood

Words leave an after taste
And after words so will you .

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