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Giovanca – Little Flower Lyrics

Like a little flower
Reaching for the sun
Like half an hour
On it’s way to become one
Like the early morning
Shaking off the dawn
You’re the beginning of
a very good song

Like a made up mind
Walking through a door
The first steps
Always striving to be more
Like dots on the horizon
Pulling towards the shore
Like here and now comes
about from before

Just wait and see
Good things are on the way
Wait patiently
And they will come your way
Just wait and see
They’ll wear your name
And find you in a matter of time

Like a ray of light
Breaking trough the gloom
Like early May
On the way to become June
Like the deepest oceans
Moving with the moon
Just like the wind foretelling
What’s coming soon

And like a little flower
Is growing in the sun and half an hour
Ticks away and becomes one
You’re moving up and forwards
Life has just begun
So keep on going
Keep on going on

Now grow, tick away and shake it off
Grow, tick away and shake it off
Grow tick away and shake it off

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