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Julie Doiron – You gave me the key

You Gave Me The Key Lyrics added here:

There was never a plan
No need to explain
And I here I am, starting over again
From the eyes of a baby
Form the eyes of a ??
From the darks of the trees
From the curves in the street
There was never a plan
Starting over again
No never a plan

Well your eyes, they’ve helped me
They helped me to see
How to begin,
Starting over again
Yeah, your eyes they showed me
The life all around me
and your words
They made me believe
That there’s love
All around me
and there’s life
All within me.

There’s no need to explain
There is no need
You don’t have to explain
Can you begin?

Now I can see
Yeah I can see
Now I can see
Yeah I can see
I’m starting over again

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