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King Von – Crazy Story, Pt. 3 Lyrics

Now here it go
I just made it home
Missed calls on my phone
I been gone
Was tryna hit a lick
But that shit just went wrong
I got a thot
She right off the block
Her crib be the spot
And we got Glocks
Tucked all in the shit
Don’t come unless you knock
But this bitch grimey
Told her bout this nigga
Helped me set him up
And she was with it
She just want some shoes
And she ain’t give no f*cks
So we do that
I was at his neck
Creepin’ from the back
But saw the opps
And had to let em have it
How f*cked up is that
But where that bitch
She ain’t called me yet
We did that at six
And who got hit
I know someone check
‘Cause King Von he don’t miss

Now two weeks pass
I’m back on my grind
I can’t waste no time
Now I spin quiet
They be whoopin tho
But them niggas not slidin’
And I been high
I can’t even lie
That thot been on my mind
Why she ain’t called?
I ain’t seen her ass
I hope that she aight

Now it’s midnight
I’m hittin’ some blocks
Just me and my Glock
Came to a stop
I’m at a redlight
I usually don’t stop
My phone keep ringing
Just a hoe, of course
This bitch prolly bored
I press ignore
I ain’t got no time
A whore gon’ be a whore
Now I get that fellin
Something ain’t right
I look to my right
And I’m like damn
There go that flexing nigga
He wavin’ his pipe
He get to dumpin’
Bullets get to coming
My heart get to thumbin’
I feel something
My left shoulder hot
Blood just get to gushing
I’m like shit, ain’t this bout a bitch
And he with that bitch
I got a glimpse
She got them big lips
That’s made for sucking dick
Now it makes sense
That hoe set me up

That lil dirty slut
That double cross
Tryna get me caught
Like I’m Randy Moss
Ah shit-
I just dropped my gun
Plus I got one arm
I’m tryna drive
I can’t shoot back now
This man on my ass
I almost crashed
But I got the wheel
He tryna kill for real
But there go twelve
He bust a quick right
And I bust a quick left

A week later, my arm in a sling
I been sippin’ lean, pure codeine
I don’t feel a thing
My hoe say I’m mean, I need a blunt
Stuff that bitch with runt
Boy I’m on a hunt
And ain’t no breakfast but I’m a box a nigga
Like some cap’n crunch, I got a tip
That that thot bitch
Be on 75th
Right of cottage
With her best friend
Gettin’ her head did
I’m like cool
Finna make my move
Post up what I do
This bitch a fool
For tryna play me out
Like this shit was cool
Now it’s like two
Catch her walkin’ out
Her new hairstyle blue
And she look cute
But that mean shit to me
I crept up then I boomed
And that was that
Now I’m running back
I stop in my tracks
There go that Porsche
How crazy is that
Boy I’m on his ass
This first blast
It shatter his glass
Damn this nigga fancy
Hit the gas
I’m still shootin’ at him
But I’m too far back
Damn I’m hyped
Let me tuck this pipe
Get up out of sight
Cause I see lights
And them bitches bright
Can’t go to jail for life
So I take flight
Made it to the hood
Everything went good
Knock on wood
Flame me up a wood
Tooka smellin’ good
Looked at my phone
Got a text from Herb
He say what’s the word
I say, shit I’m just coolin’
Bitch I’m not from 63rd
Bitch we’re not from 63rd
Stretch gang put in work

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