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Maky Lavender – Mackandal Lyrics

I’m looking at the sky too much
I’m crazy drinking at brunch
You might’ve heard about me I came up (Uh uh..)
I did too good, I did it by myself I’m good (Uh uh..)
Maybe I signed, but I got off, I got my music back
Maybe you suck, maybe you soft, maybe shut the f*ck up!
Didn’t need to rhyme because you really need to vibe
Hold on I put my mask on, im getting on this flight
Je peux changer le beat en français, mais vraiment ça me tente pas
Elle m’a dit “Maky calme toi, crache dessus ça rentre pas!”
Ok, peut-être c’est dégeulasse … ok c’est dégeulasse
C’est pas mon meilleur line

I really need to vibe because I really need to vibe
I really need to vibe because I really need to vibe
I really need to vibe because I really need to vibe
I really need to vibe because I really need to vibe
Oh yeah……Yeah

[Taking a walk listening to a podcast]

…Im not tryna be anybody else, I’m tryna be myself… But I’m tryna be like..the best version of the younger self me would want to because younger me needed to watch something to grow and to be like : I wanna be just like this him!
Sometimes I feel like this wasn’t there. Im tryna takeover this f*ckin shit, like the city over with my shit, with music…foreal. If I’m talking rap, I’m talking rap. Im talking bars, I’m talking this black culture shit, there’s a Haitian flag on my cover!Im out here talking about this shit cause I’m like this right now foreal. It’s not a joke man, I’m not playing with these words , like I’m not playing with these bars, I’m not playing with what I’m tryna present. Im presenting a Haitian black man… Makendal St-Félix is pulling up, I’m not gonna be a buffoon, I’m not gonna get up on a table and dance for people. No, we’re not doing this. This is over, this is 2020, its not 2008 or some shit like that or 1995, or ’85! No, this is 2020. I’m really out here man, you don’t play with our culture, you don’t play with what I’m saying like, my video talks about I’m a black man in this world man, in MONTREAL

[Thunders and heavy rains]

I can dream but I’m living in it
New living expense crazy, tryna get cozy with it
Living with the fact, I’m a f*ckin loser until the finish
I just talk about p*ssy drugs, whatever’s combined
Im just so popping everyone thinks I’m carbonated
I had a nissan, I printed shirts they always hated
Now I gave em blueprint, they went and copied did they? (Whatchu copying me for?)
Heading back to the west, every week, that’s every Sunday
I love my momma she always knew I’d make it some day
In love with pretty bitches acting like I’m Teddy Bundy (Teddy Bundy?)
Underdog I got a ring, I think I’m Kyle Lowry
Bouncing back up and down I think I’m living Spalding

Uuuuuuuuuh yeaaaaaaaa!

Uh yea

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