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Tory Lanez Deletes IG Fans Speculates He’s Going Jail Over Megan Thee Stallion Incident

Social media users have been reacting to news that Tory Lanez might be heading to jail over the Megan Thee Stallion shooting last year.

Tory Lanez has been sharing a number of charitable acts he has undertaken in the past few days. However, on Tuesday, he shared a cryptic tweet, “it’s been real,” then followed up with deleting all the media off of his Instagram account, leading fans and social media users to speculate that he’s heading the jail as the criminal case into the shooting of Megan Thee Stallion gets underway.

Lanez was charged with assault in October 2020 after allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion in her feet.

According to police reports, the incident occurred in July 2020 when Megan was shot outside of a Hollywood Hills mansion. Lanez was later charged with assault in October, and he’s now facing a maximum 22 years sentence if convicted.

It’s been real .

— Tory Lanez (@torylanez) September 22, 2021

Tory Lanez has asserted his innocence but has not been allowed to talk to journalists due to a gag order placed on the case by the presiding judge. The Canadian rapper also appeared not to be taking the charges seriously as he earlier in the year violated the conditions of a protective order granted to Megan 2020, which stipulated that he must keep away from Megan, not contact her and stay within 100 yards of her.

However, in July, he appeared on stage with DaBaby at the Rolling Loud Music Festival, performing right after Megan’s set and possibly violating the protective order.

Tory Lanez, who has been out on bail, saw his bail increasing $250,000 from $190,000 by an L.A. County Superior Court judge who noted that he would have to post his new bail to avoid going to jail while his case is pending. The protection order was also modified with new terms inserted that “specifically prohibit” him from attending the same events as Megan, and where violated, he’ll be remanded into custody.

Aside from the charges for assault with a semiautomatic firearm, Tory Lanez also faces charges for the personal use of a firearm and carrying a loaded, unregistered gun in a vehicle.

Social media users reacted to his cryptic post.

“Guess who’s going to jail tonight,” one person teased under Lanez’s cryptic tweet citing a popular line from one of Kanye West’s Donda album songs, “Jail.”

“He going to jail for shooting a black queen,” another person commented.

Meanwhile, others noted concern for the Toronto rapper. “I know you not talking about killing yourself,” one fan tweeted.


— _zanobea_ (@_zanobea) September 22, 2021

Sighs…apparently him n meggy megs were in the same place together…he obviously didn’t know so…they say he going to jail for violating but how tho?wen he didn’t know she was there ?????????? I give up oui

— Gill Noel (@DeluxNails) September 22, 2021

Tory lanez after performing “ say it “ in Jail for the 20th time night one for the inmates pic.twitter.com/eUnmhCUSkO

— jw (@iam_johnw2) September 22, 2021

tory lanez having to go to jail over violating his restraining order after being all big and tough with the other midget is the funniest shit to happen in 2021. little men always think they’re above the law ?

— cyber koz (@percnel0py) September 22, 2021

Tory Lanez and his glued on toupee finally going to jail pic.twitter.com/Sl6tCpDaSd

— RedRaider806 (@RedRaiderLex) September 22, 2021

Tory Lanez knew Megan was gonna be in the vicinity when he showed up for Da Baby's show he intentionally violated the restraining order so of course he is going to jail

— Nick Cannon's Urologist (WFT 1-1) (@_crewelove) September 22, 2021

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