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Vorkuta – Vorkuta Lyrics

Blood ought to have drunken
Owing to I’m thirsting

And now the nightmare returns
The fire’s blazing,
The caribou’s standing in a narrow hutch
With rope woven of guts on it’s neck,
Waiting for a gracious death

Tightens the tie,
Muddle fear in it’s eyes,
Fear of unspeakable dread
Now the tie gets loose,allows the hand
There’s no salvation,no shelter !

For sixty – one days by now lasts
The dread.the mpmentary

A deep breath & the tie tightens again
There’s no human clemency
The dolur springs up seven times
The tie gets loose seven times
The hope rises seven times
And it learns to die seven times

For sixty – one days by now lasts
The dread,the Human

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