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Zaehd & Ceo – Six’fo Lyrics

Yeah, yeah
(What? What?)
Ooh, ooh
Them hits don’t make no sense

[Verse 1]
Sippin’ purple rain like Prince
Your car dirty, need a rinse
Dreaming need a pinch
p*ssy smelly, got a stench
Case to the whip
We don’t kiss her on the lips
Bring your bitch to the brib
She gon’ lick on my shit
I got, I got hoes on my dick, yeah
She gon’, she gon’ suck it like a tick, yeah
I’m on, I’m on fire like a Bic, yeah
Lemon, lemonade, take a sip, yeah

[Verse 2]
Jack and Jill went up the hill
Your ho bald like Little Bill
Cuttin’ up like Uncle Phil
I popped a Perc’, I’m standin’ still
VVS’, no stainless steel
p*ssy water, Navy Seal
Need a deal, call Rumpelstil’
Like an orange, you can get peeled
Rumplestiltskin (Bitch), in a big Benz (Uh-huh)
By my chinny-chin (What?), felt like Ben 10
They my cousin, we are kin
Sippin’ juice, sippin’ gin
Sign my name, need a pen

She a dime, she’s a ten

[Verse 3]
Ayy, cruisin’ down the street in a motherf*ckin’ ’64
I just beat that p*ssy up like it’s Mojo Jojo
Damn, my neck on coco, pay me for my photo
Wee-you-wee-you-wee, you’s a f*ckin’ cop, bro
Do you see what I’m sayin’?
I never liked Gina, always wanted to f*ck Pam
Big bankroll, I can’t hold up my pants
He say he want a feature, treat him like I’m Uncle Sam (Tax him)
Bust down, bust down, Thotiana
I walk up in the spot, niggas hot just like a sauna
Hit her from the back, pull her track, pull her frontal
Then I call her friend, ask her if she want to join us, ayy
Yeah, them niggas kickin’ in your door
Whip it with my elbow
Turn a nigga shirt to Elmo (Red)
Balenciaga steppin’, these ain’t shelltoes
Tommy guns, trenchcoats, Range Roves
Been shittin’ on ’em so long, think my tail broke (Ouch)
I just spent your life out on Melrose, on God

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